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Discover our Range of Adult Road Bikes

For people 16 and above

Adult road bikes are designed for speed & endurance. The slim racing tyres work in tandem with a light & streamlined bike frame. 

Bike Club offers a flexible bicycle subscription service allowing you to trade in your old wheels for a shiny new road bike for adults.  

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Expertly refurbished pre‑loved bikes


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About Bike Club Adult Road Bikes

Road bikes are designed for fast-paced, efficient cycling on paved surfaces. They are lightweight, agile, and quick, making them perfect for enthusiasts who want to tackle roads and long distances with ease.

Road bikes come with efficient gear systems, drop handlebars, and aerodynamic riding positions. This helps riders achieve maximum speed and performance.

At Bike Club, we offer a range of top-quality adult bikes on subscription, making cycling more affordable and flexible. Some of the key features we look for in the road bikes we supply are:

  • Lightweight Frame: A good road bike should have a lightweight frame made of high-quality materials like carbon fibre or aluminium. This allows the bike to be strong, durable, and fast, without weighing the rider down.
  • Efficient Gear Systems: Road bikes have a narrow gear range. Their systems are optimised for speed and efficiency on smooth roads.
  • Powerful Braking Systems: Road bikes typically come with either rim brakes or disc brakes. Regardless of the type of brake, we supply bikes that have strong braking systems to ensure controlled stopping.
  • Aerodynamic Build: We look for bikes with great aerodynamic builds to reduce wind resistance. The bikes we supply have a streamlined frame, narrow handlebars, and a forward-leaning riding position to minimise drag.

Bicycles For Adults Available on Subscription

At Bike Club, we provide a selection of road bikes for adults. You can view our available bikes below, all available at an affordable monthly rate.

We also offer hybrid bikes and BMX bikes for adults, as well as an extensive range of kids bikes. By becoming a bike club member, you can easily swap your current bike for another adult bicycle anytime. We want to give you the flexibility and convenience to try out different bikes.