About Us


What we do

We’re changing the way you buy bikes for your children. We aim to make cycling more affordable and sustainable.

The ‘access economy’ has revolutionised the way we travel, eat and consume media, and the time is right for these changes to arrive in the bicycle industry. Since we first brought our flexible monthly subscriptions to the kids’ bike market in late 2016, we’ve grown to a community of thousands of members, and shipped bikes to the farthest corners of the UK.

We are at the intersection of finance and rental technology, and hope to replicate our model in other spaces after we have grown further renting out children’s bikes.

Our story

Bike Club was founded by Alexandra Rico-Lloyd and James Symes, young parents from London. They thought that there must be a better way to pay for consumer goods than ownership or traditional retail finance, and started the company in 2016.

At first they rented out bikes to family and friends, while they experimented with finding the right model. Then they settled on a hybrid hire-exchange and rent-to-own solution and received a full consumer credit licence from the FCA. 

They were overwhelmed with the number of orders they received once they launched. The Bike Club has since become one of the UK’s largest bike rental networks, connecting sustainability-minded consumers.