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Our Mission

We believe in inspiring the next generation to fall in love with cycling. Kids deserve the opportunity to learn the life changing skill of riding a bike, and they deserve to do that on bikes that are the right size for them.

What We Do

We’re making sure that you never have to buy a kids bike again. We aim to make cycling more affordable and sustainable.

We're a kids bike subscription service that allows you to exchange as your child grows. Making sure they'll always be on the perfect size. With a Bike Club subscription there are no big upfront costs and your payments are spread out into an affordable monthly subscription.

Pre-loved bikes that are exchanged come back to our expert mechanics who refurbish them to industry leading standards before they return to our fleet ready to be ridden and loved by a new family. As part of a circular economy we reduce waste and CO2 emissions. In fact each Bike Club bike saves 336Kg CO2 vs an owned bike.

Our Story

Bike Club was founded in 2016 by Alexandra Rico-Lloyd and James Symes. At first they rented out bikes to family and friends as they bootstrapped the business. They were overwhelmed with orders and the club came into its own in 2020 as family cycling grew in popularity and investment from Codex Capital allowed further growth. 

In 2022 Circularity Capital, experts in the circular economy, came aboard allowing Bike Club Germany to launch in October 2022. In 2023 Bike Club was able to announce that it was officially B-Corp certified, solidifying its position as a sustainable business. 

With already over 50,000 members, Bike Club has become one of the world's largest bike rental networks, connecting sustainability-minded consumers.