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Cube was founded in 1993 in Bavaria, and is now one of the leading bicycle brands in the world, with a wide range of bikes for all levels of riders. Cube bikes are known for their high quality, durability, and performance, winning numerous awards over the years. They are also designed to withstand the rigours of everyday use, so your child can ride them worry-free. 

Bike Club’s kids bike subscription service  makes it easy to get your child the perfect Cube bike. We offer a variety of Cube bikes, from the Cubie 120 Walk balance bike to their hardtail mountain bikes like the Cube Aim S. 

 Browse our full Cube collection below. Bike Club can deliver straight to your door and you can exchange at any time. 

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Cube Acid 240 SLX Silver Blue - Bike Club

Cube Acid 240 SLX

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Age: 7-9 years

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Inner Leg: 52cm – 63cm

About Bike Club’s Selection of Cube Bikes 

Cube Bikes are premium quality and come with a range of great features including: 

  • Super Lightweight Frames: Cube bikes are known for their lightweight frames, made from high-quality aluminium. This makes them easy to ride and control, even for younger riders. For example, the Cube Acid 200 SLX  weighs just 8.2kg. 
  • Design: Cube bikes have a unique design that is both stylish and functional. The frames are designed to be comfortable and efficient, with features such as low step-through frames and adjustable handlebars.  
  • Components: Cube bikes are equipped with high-quality components, including reliable brakes, smooth-shifting gears, and durable tires. This ensures that your child will have a safe and enjoyable ride. 
  • Performance: Cube bikes are designed for performance, with features that help kids ride faster and farther. For example, the Cube Acid 200 SLX has a lightweight frame, fast-rolling tires, and a responsive gearshift system. This makes it a great choice for kids who want to ride competitively or who simply enjoy riding at high speeds. 

Cube Kids Bikes Available on Subscription 

You can view our available Cube bikes below. We have various filters that you can use to select the perfect Cube bicycle based on wheel size, colour, inside leg measurement, and more. 

Our subscription bikes are perfect for those parents who prefer flexibility and affordability, allowing you to exchange your children's Cube bike when they grow.  

If your child outgrows their Cube Cubie 180 bike, they can soon be on an Acid 200 bike. Become a Bike Club member today and get access to a range of Cube Bikes in the UK.