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Discover our Range of Adult BMX Bikes

For people 16 and above

With adult BMX, the thrill and artistry of performing tricks offer an unparalleled cycling experience. Engineered with small frames and nimble tires, our Freestyle BMX bikes include the renowned WeThePeople Thrillseeker and the high-performance WeThePeople CRS.

Whether you're perfecting tricks in urban landscapes, or riding through the city, our top-quality Freestyle BMX bikes guarantee a safe and secure ride every time. Experience the joy of cycling in a whole new way – check out our variety of adult BMX bikes, available for subscription at Bike Club. 

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About Bike Club Adult BMX Bikes

BMX bikes are primarily designed for off-road racing, but their compact size makes them suitable for performing stunts as well. Their smaller frame size and wheels offer a lower centre of gravity and more aerial movement.

We only offer high-quality bikes from the industry's leading brands. A top-notch adult BMX bike should possess the following features:

  • Lightweight: A lightweight bike enables you to handle it effortlessly, making it perfect for riding and performing stunts.
  • Durability: BMX bikes will undoubtedly be put through rigorous use, whether in the bike park or off-road. A bike with a strong BMX frame made from quality materials is essential.
  • Strong Wheels: You need wheels that are strong enough to withstand the impact and tires that provide good traction. This is similar to what you would need for mountain biking.
  • Comfortable Grips and Pedals: Riding on the bumpy ground can be uncomfortable after a while. Opting for a bike with a comfortable seat, grips, and pedals can make a significant difference in the experience.

BMX Bikes for Adults Available on Subscription

For extreme sports enthusiasts like BMX bikers, a high-quality bike can make a world of difference in performance. At Bike Club, we offer an exceptional selection of adult bikes from renowned brands like WeThePeople. Our user-friendly filters allow you to narrow down your search by colour, inseam length, and more, simplifying the selection process.

If you need help selecting the perfect bike, you can use our bike finder to explore our collection of bikes.

At Bike Club all our bikes are available at an affordable monthly rate. As a Bike Club member, you will have complete flexibility and can exchange your bike at any time. We also have other adult bikes, such as road and hybrid bikes.