How it works

1. Choose your bike

We have an age and height size guide to help find the perfect bike for your child. If it's not the right size when it's delivered, no worries — we'll get you one that is

2. Set up payment 

At checkout, we take your details, run a soft credit check and setup a direct debit. We'll always let you know before each payment. You can cancel whenever you like. Simply contact us and send the bike back.

3. Receive your bike 

Congratulations! You're now part of the Bike Club. We'll deliver your first bike and joiner pack at a time convenient for you.

4. Your child rides & enjoys 

They'll love having a bike that's the right size for them. Children simply can't enjoy a bike that's bought to be 'slightly big', so that they can eventually 'grow into it'. It's way more fun to ride one of our bikes. They'll be a perfect fit and all out bikes are super lightweight which means they're not too heavy for little bodies (and pretty cool for bigger ones).

5. When they grow out of it... 

Just like a bike that's too big, it's pretty uncomfortable to ride a bike that's too small. It'll begin to suck the fun out of riding and they'll soon give up. Children grow, and pretty quickly at that. This means that they'll grow out of their bikes too and this is where we come in....

6. …we exchange for a bigger one! 

Whenever your child needs a bigger bike, simply let us know and we'll arrange an exchange. A courier will collect their outgrown one and deliver you a new one. If you keep the bike for 18 months, you get a free exchange, or if you hold onto it for 32 months, you can keep it.