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Explore Our Range of Premium Adult Bikes

For people 16 and above

If you need a premium adult bike to keep up with your little one, then Bike Club has the perfect solution! We offer a great range of adult bikes from well-known brands such as Forme and Orbea.

All our bikes are high quality, durable, and available at an affordable monthly rate similar to our kid's bikes.

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Inner Leg: 82cm – 90cm

About Bike Club Adult Bikes

At Bike Club, we recognise the significance of offering exceptional bikes for adults.

Our thoughtfully curated selection showcases quality brands like Forme and Orbea, renowned for their dedication to excellence and groundbreaking designs.

We prioritise lightweight constructions, allowing adult riders to navigate with complete control. Our wide range of bike types caters to all your cycling requirements, for men and women:

  • Adult Hybrid Bikes: Versatile and adaptable, adult hybrid bikes combine the best elements of road and mountain bikes. Their ability to tackle various terrains makes them an excellent choice for riders seeking a comfortable ride on their journeys. 
  • Adult Road Bikes: Engineered for avid speed enthusiasts, our lightweight road bikes offer a sleek and efficient ride on paved surfaces. Perfect for aspiring road racers, they provide the ideal blend of speed, agility, and performance.
  • Adult BMX Bikes: For adrenaline-pumping tricks and stunts. Adult BMX bikes boast a sturdy frame, compact wheels, and a single gear. They deliver endless excitement for freestyle riders seeking thrills and challenges.
  • Adult Mountain Bikes: Tailor-made for conquering off-road trails and rugged landscapes. We look for adult mountain bikes that feature grippy tires and robust frames. They are designed to handle challenging terrains and provide a thrilling experience for outdoor enthusiasts.

Bicycles For Adults Available on Subscription

Like our kid's bikes, we offer our adult bikes below at an affordable monthly rate. With our simple subscription model, you can exchange your current bike whenever you need to for a different model.

You can choose from our extensive selection of adult bicycles, featuring trusted brands and various styles. These include mountain bikes, road bikes, hybrid bikes, and BMX bikes.

Experience the convenience and affordability of Bike Club today. Discover the freedom of exploring the world on two wheels, without the steep upfront costs.