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Explore our Range of Kids Lightweight Road Bikes

For children 6 to 14 years old

Kids' road bikes have drop handlebars and skinny tyres to make it easier to ride longer distances at speed. Great for road cycling, racing and introducing your child to cycling as a sport.

Do you want to nurture your child's potential to become a great cyclist? Or, do you just want to get them riding? Bike Club has the perfect selection of kids' bikes to get you started!

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frog 58 black
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Frog Road 58

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Inner Leg: 52cm – 59cm

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Summer Sale
Forme Calver Junior 700c product image

Forme Calver Junior 700c

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Inner Leg: 58cm – 65cm

About Bike Club Kids Junior Road Bikes

We carefully consider the following features to ensure that we only offer the best lightweight kids' bikes:

  • Lightweight frame: A lightweight frame is essential to ensure that the bike is easy for your child to handle and manoeuvre at speed.
  • Comfortable Components - A road bike with a comfortable saddle, handlebars and riding position allows children to enjoy long hours of riding.
  • Aerodynamic Build - this will help your child maintain speed and a more stable riding position, which can reduce weary legs.
  • Designed for Children - The road bikes in our range are all designed with children's proportions in mind, featuring child-centric components such as shorter cranks and handlebars.
  • Gears - We look for kids lightweight bikes with easy-to-use gearing systems, with enough gears to take on steep roads.

The Best Available Kids Road Bikes For Your Child

At Bike Club, we offer an impressive selection of road bikes from big-name brands like Frog, Forme, and others.

You can use our filters to make a more specific selection based on your preferences such as brand, inner leg measurement, colour, and more. Whether you need bikes for 12 year old or any age between 6 and 14, we have an exceptional bike for you. For help choosing the right bike size for your child, check out our bike size guide.

After choosing a children's bike for the road, you can give our handy blog post on how to teach kids to ride a bike a read. With our bike subscription service, you can be sure that your child always has the perfect-sized junior road bike. We also have adult road bikes to help you keep up!