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Experience the Thrill of Cycling with Forme Kids Bikes

Forme kids bikes are designed by a British team of professional riders and cycling champions from multiple disciplines, so they really know exactly what makes a great riding experience. As a team, they have applied their collective knowledge to create a range of children's bicycles solely with the needs of younger riders in mind.

Children looking to start their cycling journey should opt for a bike from the Forme Cubley range as these are smaller and have no gears. Once they have mastered these bikes and they’ve grown in size, they can progress onto the Forme Kinder range which are larger in size and all come with gears. We also offer a range of adult bikes.

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Family cycling on a trail through woodland
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Forme Litton 10 Blue - Bike Club

Forme Litton 10

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Age: 1-3 years

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Inner Leg: 24cm – 30cm

forme Cubley 14 blue - bike club
Review Star FullReview Star FullReview Star FullReview Star FullReview Star Full

Forme Cubley 14

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Age: 3-4 years

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Inner Leg: 39cm – 48cm

Review Star FullReview Star FullReview Star FullReview Star FullReview Star Full

About Bike Club Forme Bikes

We supply Forme first pedal and Forme hybrid bikes that share an array of great features which make them loved by children and parents. Some of the most important are: 

  • Lightweight: Forme bikes have impressively light frames made from a high-quality alloy. This helps with handling, especially when the child is learning.
  • Ergonomic Design: Forme kids bikes are not scaled down adult bikes. They are made to fit the proportions of children to make cycling feel as natural as possible. They also have custom-designed components such as junior saddles and handlebars.
  • Easy-to-use Components: The brakes are easy for little hands to pull and the larger bikes that have gears come with simple trigger shifters.
  • Range of Colours: Coming in an array of standout colours, you will be able to pick your child’s favourite.

Overall, Forme kids bikes offer a great balance of performance and safety. They are an excellent choice for parents looking for a reliable and enjoyable cycling experience for their children.

Forme Kids Bikes Available on Subscription

Below you can see the bikes that we currently have available. We also have fantastic Forme bike reviews from our members.

We also have helpful filters to give you a hand in narrowing down the best bike for your little one. You can filter by inner leg length, age, wheel size, and more. If you want to learn more about bike sizing, you can read our bike size guide. We also have a blog to help you choose the first bike for your child.

With Bike Club you can get your child a Forme bike in the UK on a subscription at an affordable monthly rate. This gives you flexibility so that when your child outgrows their current bike you can exchange it for the next size up. We offer all kinds of bikes from balance bikes to road bikes.