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Discover our Range of Adult Mountain Bikes

For people 16 and above

Designed for off-road riding, adult mountain bikes offer control and pace on rough terrain.

With sturdy frames, suspension systems, and grippy tyres, they are perfect for riding on bike trails. They also come with multiple gears for easy adaptability to various inclines and speeds.

View our range of quality lightweight mountain bikes below all available on subscription. For fitness riding, touring, or trail riding, our MTBs offer high performance and fun.

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Forme Curbar Pro 27 S

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Age: 16+ years

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Inner Leg: 64cm – 74cm

About Bike Club Adult Mountain Bikes

At Bike Club, we specialise in providing adult mountain bikes from top-quality brands for riders seeking a comfortable and capable bike to conquer mountainous terrains.

We prioritise the following features when selecting the adult MTB's we offer:

  • Frame material and geometry: We stock quality bikes with lightweight frames crafted from durable materials such as aluminium or carbon fibre.
  • Suspension Systems: Mountain bikes have suspension systems to absorb shocks and bumps found on technical terrain. This feature enhances your comfort and control by minimising the impact of rough surfaces.
  • Handlebars and Control: We look for bikes with handlebars that provide optimal control and manoeuvrability. The handlebars on MTB's are typically broader and flatter than those found on road bikes.
  • Braking Systems: Safety and control are paramount when riding. We prioritise bikes that feature reliable braking systems.
  • Wheels and Tyres: We stock bikes with large wheels and grippy tyres. This provides more stability and traction on rough terrain.

Mountain Bikes for Adults Available on Subscription

Discover a wide selection of adult mountain bikes at Bike Club, including top brands like Forme. Our subscription service offers you the opportunity to ride these high-quality bikes at an affordable monthly rate. You can exchange your bike for another one at any time, offering complete flexibility.

We also have kids mountain bikes in several wheel sizes from premium brands like Frog. This way you can have adventures with the whole family.

Explore our range of adult mountain bikes below, all carefully chosen to cater to your off-road cycling needs. We also provide a variety of other adult bicycles, such as road bikes and BMX bikes.