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Explore the World with Orbea Kids Bikes

With their unique colours, Orbea bikes make riding for kids easy and enjoyable. Designed in Spain using the highest quality components, Orbea bikes perform as well as they look.

Browse our range of Orbea road & mountain bikes that are available on subscription.

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About Bike Club Orbea Bikes

Orbea is a Spanish bike manufacturer that was founded in 1840. Today, Orbea is known for producing high-quality bicycles for a wide range of disciplines including road racing and mountain biking. Orbea kids' bikes are robust and high-performance bicycles with a number of great features. Some of the best are:

  • Lightweight Frames: Orbea kids' bikes are made with lightweight aluminium frames, making them easy for kids to manage off-road and ride for extended periods without getting tired.
  • Adjustable Components: The handlebars and seats are adjustable, allowing for a perfect fit for your child.
  • Quality components: Orbea cycles use high-quality components, including Shimano drivetrains, hydraulic disc brakes, and suspension forks on some bikes. This ensures a smooth and safe ride when your child is on bumpy trails.
  • Durability: Orbea kids' bikes have sturdy frames and components that can withstand the wear and tear of regular use on tough terrain by active children.
  • Safe and Comfortable: Orbea takes safety seriously, and their kids' bikes are designed with features such as child-sized brake levers and ergonomic grips.

Orbea Kids Bikes Available on Subscription Below, you can view the selection of Orbea bikes currently available. Our bikes are designed for various age groups and skill levels, and we have great choices for whatever bike you need. For further guidance on bike sizing, you can refer to our bike size guide.

At Bike Club, we offer a flexible and cost-effective bike subscription service that enables you to exchange your bike as your child grows. From balance bikes and first pedal bikes for young children to mountain bikes and road bikes for older kids, we have a range to suit your child's needs. With our exchange system, if your child has outgrown their Orbea bike, you can have a larger bike in no time.