Congratulations you’ve just taken delivery of your shiny new bike!

At this point, the realisation sinks in that getting setup with a bike was just the beginning!

Whether you are using your bike for the daily commute or a leisurely pedal around the park, there are accessories to make your life not only easier but more importantly safer.

the Bike Club are here to cut through the noise and give you the low down on the essential kit to get you safely in the saddle.

Essential #1 - A Helmet

The number one tool in your armoury is a helmet which fits you perfectly. When looking for a helmet it’s critical to ensure that it comes with a high level of adjustability so you can make certain of the perfect fit. We stock a range of Alpina adult helmets which all include their industry leading ‘Run’ fitting system allowing you to achieve the ultimate fit.





Essential #2 - A Lock

Unfortunately, in recent times, bikes have become target of opportunist thieves. When leaving your bike in a public space for any period it’s important to always ensure a level of security.   

The lock you use will very much depend on where you have left your bike and for how long. We stock a range of locks to suit all scenarios.

D Locks: sometimes known as U Locks, these are the most practical bike lock for peace of mind when leaving your bike for an extended period. They offer strong overall protection and are much more portable than a chain lock and far tougher than a cable lock.

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Cable Locks: Cable locks are lightweight, flexible and ideal for a quick dash into a shop. These locks are often cheaper than compared to a D Lock and are best used in low crime areas. We do not recommend these locks for overnight or long-term storage.

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D Locks With Cables: These locks comprise of a standard D Lock plus a hardened steel shackle that offers excellent cut resistance. Anytime you're locking a bike up with a quick release front wheel we would recommend using a cable like this to keep the wheel safe from opportunist thieves.


Essential #3 - A Light

Useful to equip on your bike all year round, critical when the days get shorter, a light will ensure you can be seen by other road users. Buying your bike lights in a set will offer the best value for money and be more than sufficient for riding through the dark months. While front lights can reach up to and above 1000 Lumens, at the rear, anything from 20 to 100 lumens is plenty.


Nice to have…..

Although not essential, it is a good idea to have some basic maintenance products to hand to keep you riding all year round.

Here are our top picks:

A sturdy hand pump – these are ideal to top up your tyres pressures on a road bike, these pumps are easy to carry and take up less room on the go.

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Inner Tube – Death, taxes and sadly punctures are three inevitable facts of life! Having a spare inner tube handy will limit your down time and get you back on the road in no time when the inevitable happens.

Maintenance kit - Having a basic maintenance kit to hand is advisable for keeping your bike in tip top shape. We recommend a spanner and allen key set  which will be ample for most small tweaks.

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Cleaning Kit - Bike cleaners like Muc-Off will make cleaning your bike much easier. The cleaning formula will cut through dirt and grime without much effort. The Muc Off range is biodegradable and will not cause any damage to paintwork or components of the bike. Just wet the bike, spray on the cleaner, wait a few minutes then wash off, preferably with a brush to get the best result.

It is much easier to use some dedicated brushes. as these will also give a better result to the cleaning by shifting the stubborn dirt and give the bike a good scrub.



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