All about crowdfunding

As you might have heard, we're launching a crowdfunding campaign to fund the next chapter of our growth. But what is equity crowdfunding, why do businesses do it and how can you get involved?

What's crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding has become a popular financing method for new businesses. It's where a number of people pool their money together to back a new idea or business.

Okay, so what's equity crowdfunding?

With equity crowdfunding, investors get a certain stake of equity in the business. Essentially, you can buy a piece of the business. You'll benefit from the growth of the company. Hopefully, you'll also love what the business does and enjoy watching it grow. 

Why is the Bike Club crowdfunding?

Like most businesses, we need money in order to grow. Whilst we have various methods of funding available to us (bikes cost money), we're really keen to open up the business to non-institutional investors. We're all about our members. Just like Brewdog, we love the idea of offering our members a chance to own a piece of our business. We truly believe this is the future of child cycling, and the chance to invest now is an opportunity to be part of something awesome.

How much do I need to invest?

You can invest as little as £10. That's just five lottery tickets or two pints. 🍻

The more you invest, the more perks you unlock. We're offering free t-shirts, free joining and exclusive discounts on adult bikes. And for anyone that invests over £800, you'll unlock our Ambassador rewards, enabling you and anyone you refer to the Bike Club up to 10% discount on monthly subscriptions.

There's no maximum on the amount you can invest. You'll be joining our lead investors who have invested hundreds of thousands of pounds each. We'll be covering more about who they are, and why they believe the Bike Club will be a success in a future post.

What do I get out of investing?

Besides our crowdfunding perks, and the chance to be part of something awesome, you'll benefit from the growth of the Bike Club. 

Ideally, if the company grows as expected investors can hope to see a return on their investment. 

Capital at risk.

Register for early access

Early access subscribers will have early access to know who our lead investors are, how much we're raising and at what valuation including access to exclusive investor perks and access to invest.

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