Beyond ownership. Shape the future.

One of the reasons we decided to launch a crowdfunding round was to give our members the opportunity to own part of the Bike Club. We truly believe this is the future of family cycling and would love for our members to join us on the journey in getting the next generation cycling.


You can find the legal jargon on the Crowdcube page, but in plain English, as an investor of the business you get:

+ to vote on important decisions the company makes
+ first dibs (along with other shareholders) if company shares are sold, and/or if the company does another fundraising round
+ rights to future dividends* the company might pay out

The above are all relative to your stake in the company. The more shares you hold, the more votes you get etc.

By growing the business, we plan to increase it's valuation significantly. This means your stake in the business increases in valuation, along with the valuation of the company.


The more you invest now, the more perks you get. You can add to your investment up until the Crowdcube campaign finishes.



The more we raise, the quicker we can grow the Bike Club and ultimately, the more we children we can get on bicycles. 

So please, spread the word. Refer your friends (either as members or investors) and join us in creating the future of family cycling.


View the full pitch on Crowdcube


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