We're Six Day Cycling's Official Children's Bikes Partner

Hi Bike Clubbers,

Today is a very exciting day for us at the Bike Club.  It is the start of the Six Day Cycling in London and this year we’re their Official Children's Bikes Partner.  I wanted to tell you why we are doing this and to say a massive thank you to you (our members) for getting us to this point.   

So why are we sponsoring Six Day?  Well, we try to do two things at the Bike Club: 

  1. Get families cycling by giving children access to great quality kids bikes (and parent’s bikes that are good enough for them to keep up on). 
  1. Be sustainable by using the circular economy to bring together like-minded people who share bikes, cut waste and save money. 

When we get this right, we can inspire the next generation of cyclists.  By giving children a positive experience of cycling when they are young, they go on to make a habit of this wonderful activity as adults.   

It’s not just great bikes that will inspire future cyclists, we also want to show members what can be achieved at the pinnacle of cycling.  That is why we wanted to sponsor some of the best international young riders at the event.  Hopefully, our members will be inspired by watching some of the worlds best cyclists on stage and realise the impact that can be made by simply getting on your bike.  It’s only a small step for now, but we’re passionate about getting more families on bikes. 

Finally, this would not have been made possible without our amazing members.  Thank you for your feedback and telling us where we need to improve And thank you to the thousands of you who have shared your happy memories with us along the way We have lots of new developments coming out over the next few months (new referral schemes, better couriers, click and collect).  But, for the next six days, let’s be inspired by the pros and enjoy some of the best racing. 


Co-Founder and CEO