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A group of children sitting on bikes in the outdoors

What is Bike Club?

Subscription Kids Bikes That Are Always The Right Size

Based in the UK, Bike Club is a kids' bike subscription service that is designed to make cycling accessible to all families. Many parents recognize the importance of encouraging their children to be more active and get outdoors, but they may not want to buy a bike for them that they will outgrow shortly afterwards.

We solve this problem by offering a subscription-based model that allows parents to get a bike for their child without breaking the bank. With Bike Club, you can simply upgrade your child to a larger bike as they grow, without having to worry about the large upfront costs that come with buying a bike.

Two kids on their Woom bikes in the outdoors

The Benefits of Becoming a Bike Club Member

One of the key benefits of becoming a Bike Club member is that it provides children with a wide range of premium lightweight bikes to choose from for your young rider. This is important because not all children are the same size or have the same interests when it comes to cycling.

Some children may prefer a balance bike, while others may want to start with a pedal bike. And as children grow, they may want to move on to a different type of bike, such as a mountain bike.

We offer the best kids' bikes to ensure that every child can find a bike that they love and that is suitable for their needs. These also include hybrid & off-road, BMX, and road bikes and come in a number of wheel sizes.

Furthermore, the brands we stock are some of the best bike brands in the UK and Europe. Whether it be Frog, Forme, Cube, Orbea, or Woom, we guarantee that you'll find a suitable bike for your child to kick start their love of cycling.

In addition to offering a variety of bikes, we also provide a range of accessories to ensure that children are safe and comfortable while riding. These accessories are crucial for ensuring that children are visible to motorists and that their bike is secure when not in use.

As experts in all things kids' bikes, we offer a range of educational materials and resources through our bicycle blog to help parents teach their children about all things bikes. This includes teaching their child to ride a bike, measuring their child for a bike, correct riding position, safety, maintenance and much more.

This is an important part of our service because it empowers parents to teach their children all there is to know about cycling.

Another benefit of becoming a Bike Club member is that it encourages children to be more active and spend more time outdoors. In today's world, where children are spending more and more time in front of screens, it's more important than ever to encourage physical activity and outdoor play.

With Bike Club, children have the opportunity to explore their neighbourhood, get exercise, and develop a love for cycling that will last a lifetime.

Our Commitment to Sustainability & The Circular Economy

Furthermore, Bike Club is also environmentally friendly. By providing high-quality, durable bikes that can be used by multiple children over time, Bike Club helps to reduce waste and promote sustainability.

Additionally, by encouraging children to ride their bikes instead of being driven in a car, Bike Club helps to reduce carbon emissions and promote a healthier planet.

Our commitment to safety and quality is evident in every aspect of the service. All bikes are thoroughly inspected and tested to ensure that they meet strict safety standards before they are sent out to customers.

We also have a team of expert technicians who perform regular maintenance and repairs to ensure that all bikes are in top condition. This ensures that parents can feel confident in the safety and quality of their child's bike and that their child will have a positive experience while riding.

Bike Club: A New Way of Cycling for Kids

Overall, our kid's bike subscription service ensures that your little one can ride a properly sized bike, and you can get a kid's bike on a monthly subscription without paying the significant upfront costs that come with buying a kid's bike. More importantly, we are committed to sustainability and the circular economy to reduce waste and grow the next generation of cyclists.

A couple of kids riding bikes in the outdoors supplied by Bike Club

Questions We Ge Regularly Asked About Bike Club

How Does Bike Club Work?

Our kids bike subscription service is incredibly quick & easy to use. Firstly, select your child's bike using our online interactive bike finder. We'd recommend measuring your child's inner leg length first. Secondly, create an account and set up a monthly direct debit payment.

Next, and this is the fun part, your child will receive their bike as soon as we can get it to them or on a specific date that you have chosen. All that's left to do is for them to ride it.

Remember, when they're starting to get too big for the bike, simply exchange it for a bigger one. Exchanges are free and all you’ll need to pay is the delivery fee of the new bike. Delivery on any weekday is £9.99, whilst a Saturday delivery costs £14.99. We do not offer delivery on Sundays.

How Long is a Bike Subscription With Us?

Essentially, for as long as you like. We are a monthly bike rental subscription service whereby you pay a monthly fee for whichever bike or bikes you might have with us. 

Henry Gorvin

SEO Executive

Henry writes about all things kids bikes for Bike Club's blog, offering insightful content to help parents choose the right bike.