As the evenings inevitably start to draw in, it’s more important than ever to make sure you can all be seen when you’re out on your bikes. Thankfully a few quick fixes will keep you safe and make sure you’re the envy of the playground!

A set of good quality lights for both the front and rear of your bikes is a must – check out these awesome Hornit lights.

Make sure you’re dressing in bright colours too – Flouro is definitely the new black. You don’t necessarily need to be dressing in high-viz (although it does keep you safe) but do wear some reflective details. Thankfully lots of helmets come with reflective details designed in.

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The heat of the summer sun is well and truly behind us and now is the time to embrace your snuggliest of accessories. Hands are particularly prone to getting caught out by the wind so keeping warm with some cosy gloves is a great idea, just make sure you can still pull your brakes when you’ve got them on.

As the drizzle of autumn turns more and more to full on showers, it can be an idea to look into getting mudguards fitted to your bikes. For most bikes smaller than 20” this probably won’t be worth it but for bigger kids (and grown-ups) a mudguard that clips around the seatpost can save you from a soggy back and a wet ride home.


The cold and wet weather in the autumn can play havoc with the exposed drivetrain of bikes – especially when they end up getting stored wet. Giving the bikes a quick wipe down after a ride and making sure they have a good wash every now and again can work wonders. The most important thing is to keep your chain lubricated with bike specific lubricant as this will keep everything running smoothly. Washing the bikes is never the first thought on your mind at the end of a ride but try making a game of it with the kids and see how much fun it can be – be warned you will get wet!

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This one should go without saying to parents – we get built in toilet break sensors after our little ones are born – but making sure you don’t get caught short, and knowing where the next drink and snack is coming from is doubly important when the chance of getting wet is added into the mix.

Planning your routes, rest stops, and what activities will keep you all occupied should the weather take a turn is key. Luckily, there are plenty of apps like Komoot that have lots of great suggestions for family friendly rides.

Most importantly enjoy yourselves, and don’t forget to jump in a few puddles and crunch some leaves along the way! 🍂

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