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The Four Best Road Bikes For Kids Aged Six Years And Older

Types Of Bike

We all know that kids grow up faster than we can blink an eye. Children transition quickly from riding a balance bike to being prepared to conquer the world, or at least the open road. This transition can occur very quickly.  

At Bike Club, we understand the joys of watching your child discover the thrill of cycling. That's why we've put together this guide on "The Four Best Road Bikes for Kids Aged Six Years and Older."

We know that finding the perfect road bike for your child can be time-consuming. But fear not; we've got you covered. 

The Importance of Choosing the Right Road Bike 

We'd like to emphasise just how crucial it is to select the right road bike for your young cyclist.  

A well-fitted road bike ensures that your child rides comfortably, safely, and confidently. It can mean the difference between a joyful experience and one filled with frustration. For all the information on picking the right-sized bike, see our kids bike size guide.  

At Bike Club, we understand the unique needs of young riders. Our subscription model allows kids to exchange their bikes as they grow, ensuring they always have the right-sized ride.

We've curated a list of the top four road bikes for kids aged six years and older. Let's explore these fantastic options together. 

Top Four Road Bikes for Kids Aged 6 Years and Older 

Now, let's get down to business and introduce you to the top four road bikes for your child. These bikes offer exceptional quality, safety, and performance, making them the perfect companions for your young cyclist's adventures. 

Whether your child is just starting their biking journey or looking to upgrade, we've got something for everyone. Let's explore the first option on our list – the Frog Road 58. 

Frog Road 58 

The Frog Road 58 is a kids' road bike designed for children aged 6-7 years old. It comes with a recommended inside leg measurement of 52 cm to 59 cm. It is a lightweight and durable bike ideal for young cyclists who want to get into road riding. 

The Frog Road 58 has a lightweight aluminium frame and fork, which makes it easy for kids to pedal and control. The bike is also equipped with rim brakes, which provide powerful and reliable stopping power in all weather conditions. 

It has a wide range of gears, so kids can easily pedal up hills and ride down them safely. The bike also has short-drop handlebars and short-reach brake levers, which are specifically designed for smaller hands. 

frog road 58

Frog Road 67 

The Frog Road 67 is designed for children aged 8-12 years old. It has a recommended inside leg measurement of 62 cm to 70 cm. It is super light and durable like all of Frog's kids' bikes.

The Frog Road 67 boasts a lightweight aluminium frame and fork, ensuring that young riders can effortlessly pedal and maintain control. Furthermore, it features rim brakes, delivering formidable and dependable stopping capabilities regardless of weather conditions. 

With a wide array of gears, this bike empowers kids to easily navigate inclines and descend safely. Additionally, it sports short-drop handlebars and brake levers designed specifically for smaller hands. 

frog road 67

Frog Road 70 

The Frog Road 70 is a kids' road bike aimed roughly at children aged 11-14 years old. It has a recommended inside leg of 67 cm-79 cm. It is a lightweight bike with features that make it ideal for young cyclists who want to get into road riding. 

The Frog Road 70 features a lightweight aluminium frame and fork. Additionally, it's equipped with rim brakes, ensuring potent and dependable stopping performance under various weather conditions. 

This bike boasts a range of gears, enabling youngsters to confidently ascend hills and descend safely. Moreover, it incorporates short-drop bars and brake levers tailored for smaller hands. 

frog road 70

Forme Calver Junior 700c 

The Forme Calver Junior 700c is a cyclocross bike designed for junior riders aged 11-14. It's ideal for young cyclists interested in cyclocross racing or road cycling.  

The Calver Junior 700C is a high-quality junior road bike designed for young cyclists. It features a lightweight aluminium frame that's easy for kids to handle.

With its 700c wheels, disc brakes, and reliable components, it provides a smooth and efficient ride for children. Whether they're exploring new routes or developing their skills in competitive racing, this bike can handle it all.

frome calver 700c - Bike Club

Key Considerations When Choosing a Kids' Road Bike 

Selecting the ideal road bike for your child involves several key considerations that can significantly impact their biking experience.   

Bike Size 

Perhaps the most critical factor when selecting a kids' road bike is getting the right size. An improperly sized bike can lead to discomfort, instability, and even accidents.

Proper leg extension while pedalling is essential for efficient riding and safety. We recommend getting your child's inside leg measurement and inputting it into our interactive bike finder.   

Safety Features 

Bike safety should always be a top priority when choosing a kids' road bike. All the bikes we stock feature responsive brakes, which provide reliable stopping power, especially in emergency situations.  

Consider additional safety gear such as helmets, knee and elbow pads, and gloves to protect your child while they ride. 

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Quality Build 

Getting a well-built bike is essential for durability and longevity. All our road bike frames are sturdy and can withstand the rigours of childhood adventures.  

This also means when you exchange a bike we can refurbish it as part of our circular model. Our mechanics make sure it's completely safe, and then we can send it to another child.


Bikes equipped with gears provide versatility, allowing young riders to conquer uphill climbs and cruise on flat roads with ease. 

Our kids' road bikes come with simple and intuitive gear shifters that your child can understand and operate.  

Creating Memorable Cycling Adventures 

Cycling isn't just a physical activity; it's an opportunity to create lasting memories and bond with your child. Consider exploring new routes and destinations together to make each ride a memorable adventure.  

Gear Up! 

Start with the basics: a well-fitted helmet is non-negotiable. Invest in comfort, especially for longer rides. Gloves can protect their hands and provide a better grip on the handlebars. Don't forget suncream and sunglasses for sunny days, and consider rain gear for wet weather.  


While independence is essential for your child's development, it's crucial to strike a balance between freedom and safety. For younger riders, close supervision is necessary, especially in high-traffic areas or on challenging terrain.  

Safety & Road Rules 

Teaching your child about safety and road rules is a fundamental aspect of responsible cycling. Start by explaining the importance of wearing a helmet and other protective gear at all times. 

Teach them to use hand signals for turning and stopping, and ensure they understand the rules of the road. Practice safe riding behaviours together, such as looking both ways before crossing streets and maintaining a safe distance from vehicles. For some ideas on routes to take see our blog on top 10 family cycle routes.  


Regular maintenance is key to keeping your child's road bike safe and efficient. Clean the bike regularly to remove dirt and debris, check tyre pressure, and inspect the chain for lubrication. 

Ensure brakes work smoothly, gears shift accurately, and all bolts are tight. You can view our blog on bike maintenance for more information.  

forme calver 700c - Bike Club

Frequently Asked Questions About Children’s Road Bikes 

What age range is suitable for kids' road bikes?  

Kids' road bikes are typically designed for children aged six years and older. However, the suitability can vary depending on the child's height, inseam measurement, and cycling experience. It's essential to consider these factors when choosing the right bike for your child to ensure a comfortable and safe fit. 

How do I determine the right bike size for my child?  

To determine the right bike size for your child, start by measuring their inside leg length. Use this measurement on our collection pages to get recommendations. A properly sized bike ensures that your child can ride comfortably and safely. 

Do these bikes have gears?  

Yes, many kids' road bikes come equipped with gears, especially those designed for older and more experienced riders. Gears allow children to tackle various terrains and adjust their pedalling effort accordingly.

However, not all kids' road bikes have gears, particularly those designed for beginners or younger riders. When selecting which type of bike, consider the type of riding they'll be doing to decide if gears are needed. 

Are these bikes easy for kids to control?  

 Yes, kids' road bikes are designed with ease of control in mind. They typically feature lightweight frames and components tailored to a child's size and strength. Additionally, age-appropriate geometry and handlebar designs promote comfortable and stable riding.

While supervision and guidance are essential, these bikes are crafted to be user-friendly. This will allow kids to develop their cycling skills confidently and safely. 

What are the key differences between a hybrid bike vs a road bike?

Hybrid bikes are versatile, suitable for a variety of terrains, and prioritise comfort over speed. They typically have wider tires and a more upright riding position.

Road bikes, on the other hand, are designed for speed and efficiency on smooth roads. They have narrow, high-pressure tires and a more aerodynamic riding posture.