Check out our new bikes!

We're so pleased to stock the new range of Forme kids bikes. Forme is a British cycling brand with a hefty catalogue of sleek bikes. Their children's range includes the Forme Kinder and Cubley Junior bikes.🚲

What's so good about them?

  • Lightweight - Forme spent years refining these designs into some of the lightest kids bikes in the world for their price point. A lighter bike is easier for the child to lift, accelerate and manoeuvre. All things great for building confidence.☁️
  • Child-specific - Forme put a big focus on ergonomic design for children. Child-specific design helps young ones ride more confidently than they would on other bikes. This is because the components are made specifically for their height and hip ratio. Their weight is also distributed evenly which improves the ride overall.🏆
  • Size range - Forme looked at the key growth points for kids bikes and produced a range to suit the majority of child riders, from a 14” Cubley to a 26" Kinder. This means that there is an ideal Forme kids bike for most children.

Let's take a look at a Cubley 14"

Forme cubley 14"

It's got a lightweight, child-sized frame with a custom pedal width to fit little legs. The super-light handlebars are easier for tiny arms too because they won't need to reach as far and turning is made easier. Plus the tyres are from trusted brand Kenda, so you can be confident they'll last. Finally, the seat is just right for the comfort of your little one.

Best yet, it only weighs 6.12kg which helps smaller riders get going easier, speed up quicker and control the bike better.👍

We have 14",16" and 18" available in the Cubley range here.

What about Kinder bikes?

 Forme kinder 20inch bike

This is the Kinder 20" and it's got a lightweight frame with 8-speed gears from trusted brand Shimano, so you know they will shift smoothly. It's a powerful kids bike.💪

It still has tyres from the beloved Kenda brand which are durable. And to top it off, the handlebars and seat are all child-specific which; as we've said before, greatly improves the riding experience for your little one.🧒

It's pretty light too, at only 8.47kg! Your little cyclist will find the Kinder much easier to control than most conventional bikes. That makes them great for children looking to build their cycling confidence.🚀

We have Kinder's at 20", 24" and 26" in stock here.

Take a look at the new range and let us know what you think of our new additions!