Christmas bikes! The perfect gift.

A bicycle under the tree is the best gift you can give your children this year. Not only will they go on to create many happy memories, but learning to ride is a skill they'll carry with them forevermore. 

Take the stress-free approach to Christmas shopping

Christmas can feel stressful. The last-minute rush to the packed shops, during extended opening hours, to buy (yet more) presents to keep the children happy on Christmas day. We really want to help take the stress away.

Order now, and rest easy knowing your main Christmas present is in our hands.

We'll store the bike for you, safe from prying eyes

Select a December delivery day at the checkout that suits you. Enjoy the festive cheer a little more than previous years. After all, your little one in a reindeer outfit and singing carols is super cute, the shopping centres on Christmas Eve, less so.

A more sustainable way to gift this Christmas

Picture this: piles of plastic toys that will soon be forgotten about, mountains of glittery wrapping paper that can't be recycled, heavy bikes that won't be enjoyed.

Sound familiar? We're on a mission to make cycling more sustainable, and ultimately more fun for your children. A bike from the Bike Club won't sit rusting away in the garage. Instead, when your child grows out of it, they can pass it onto another loving family.

It's like Woody from Toy Story, except bigger, less floppy, and our bikes don't talk. Okay, maybe it's less like Woody. But we pass the enjoyment of cycling from one Andy to the next, with a lot of love, bicycle paint and spare parts in the middle.

Avoid January's Blue Monday by being lighter on the wallet in December

The third Monday of January is commonly known as Blue Monday. Why? Because we're all feeling a little down in the dumps. After a festive, busy and expensive December, the adults of this world commonly feel the dust in their wallets.

Don't spend hundreds on Christmas presents this year. Instead, order ahead, join the Bike Club and your small monthly subscription won't even start until you get your bike.

Get your family active outdoors

With the darker nights closing in, humans tend to retreat inside. We get fatigued and generally pretty unwell. Find a reason to get the endorphins flowing and feel the fresh air on your cheeks. With their new bikes, the kids will be keen to explore and ta-da, winter suddenly brings with it a whole new level of adventure and smiles. 

What next?

Find your bike, order ahead and select a December delivery day at the checkout. We'll take the rest from there. Your monthly subscription won't start until you've received your bikes.