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Bike Club Multi-Bike Discount

At Bike Club we are launching our Multi-Bike Discount to help make cycling more accessible to families with multiple children. 

The Bike Club Multi-Bike Discount will give you 10% off each subscription price for two or more bikes, after the first month. This means you can save every month if you have multiple children and want to give them a high quality premium bike. 

The discount will come into effect at 5 p.m. on the 10th of February and run until further notice.

Why Are We Offering a Multi-Bike Discount?

We understand how expensive it can be to buy a top quality bike for each of your children. This is why at Bike Club we are offering 10% off each subscription price for two or more bikes. 

With our service you will also avoid having to make use of hand-me-down bikes. It is important that your child rides an appropriately sized bike for their own comfort and enjoyment, and often a hand-me-down from a sibling or friend will not be the correct size. 

Another advantage over hand-me-downs which may have mechanical issues is that our bikes are all in excellent working condition. We only supply bikes from the leading kids bike brands on the market, and you can choose from a brand new bike or a preloved bike that has been rigorously assessed by our safety team. 

How to Get The Multi-Bike Discount

To get the Multi-Bike Discount you need to have an existing active subscription and place an order for one or more bikes, or place an order for two or more bikes during the promotion period.  

You will also need to pass a soft credit check and set up direct debit payments for the remaining amount of your monthly subscription fee with our payment partner GoCardless. 

Finally, you will need to pay for any applicable delivery and subscription fees. 

The discount will run until further notice, and we will give at least 30 days notice via email to all relevant members before it ends.

Henry Gorvin

SEO Executive

Henry writes about all things kids bikes for Bike Club's blog, offering insightful content to help parents choose the right bike.