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The Eight Best BMX Bikes For Your Child

Welcome to our blog on the best BMX bikes for your children. We are thrilled to present a selection of top-notch BMX bikes that will ignite your child's passion for riding.  

Among our range, you'll find premium BMX bikes that are designed for both high performance and safety. We believe they are the best BMX bikes for kids out there. Whether you need BMX bikes for 8 year olds or BMX bikes for 12 year olds, we have you covered. We are also happy to announce we will be getting new models in September.  

Size & Frame  

The size of the frame is crucial to consider when choosing a BMX bike for a child. The frame should be the right size for the child's height so that they can comfortably reach the handlebars and pedals.  

If the frame on any kids bike is too small, the child will have to hunch over, which is never comfortable. If the frame is too large, the child will have to stretch too far to reach the handlebars. 

The Radio Dice 18 is the smallest bike in the lineup. They are perfect for kids with an inner leg measurement of 55cm to 74cm.  

The rest of the bikes on the list are suitable for 11 year olds right up to adults. They have a recommended inside leg measurement of 66 cm and above. You can read our guide on bike sizing for more information.  


We offer BMX bikes from well-known brands passionate about cycling. All the bikes we stock feature reliable well-made components.   


The handlebars on our selection of BMX kids bikes play a crucial role in providing control and stability during rides.   

Each bike in our lineup boasts well-designed handlebars that cater to various riding styles and preferences.   


Safety is paramount in BMX biking, and our bikes are equipped with reliable braking systems.   

All our BMX bikes feature responsive and easy-to-use, perfect for young riders to develop confidence in braking.  

The Radio Dice 18 features a Radio “AM” U-brake whereas the WeThePeople Nova & CRS bikes feature SALTPLUS “GEO XL” U-brakes. Finally, the WeThePeople Crysis range features ECLAT “TALON” U-brakes.   

These brakes offer precise control and quick stopping power, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for riders of all skill levels.  

Wheels & Tyres  

The wheels and tyres on our BMX bikes are engineered for durability and optimal performance on various terrains. All our bikes can handle more challenging rides and tricks while maintaining a smooth and controlled experience.  


The drivetrain components on our BMX bikes are designed to offer efficient power transfer and seamless pedalling.    

Our BMX bikes for kids come with a straightforward single-speed setup, perfect for beginners and ease of maintenance.    

With these well-engineered drivetrains, young riders can confidently tackle various terrains and challenges, fueling their passion for BMX biking.  

Types of BMX Bikes Available For Your Child  

We have a range of great BMX bikes available. If you’re curious about the difference between BMXs and other off-road bikes, you can read our blog on BMX vs Hybrid and Mountain bikes.   

Radio Dice 18  

The Radio Dice 18 is a great BMX bike for kids with an inside leg measurement of 55 to 74cm. It has a lightweight aluminum frame, which is slightly smaller than a full-size 20” BMX.  

The bike also features a sealed bearing headset, a 25-tooth sprocket, and a 9-tooth freewheel. These components make the Radio Dice 18 a great bike for beginners and experienced riders alike. This would be a great BMX bike for a 10 year old.  

WeThePeople CRS 18  

Are you looking for a BMX bike that's light, durable, and affordable? Look no further than the WeThePeople CRS 18!    

This bike is perfect for kids 11 years and older, and also for adults. It has a lightweight aluminium frame, 18-inch wheels, and a Chromoly off-set steel fork. It also packs a custom WeThePeople seat that's super comfortable. With a sleek black design, it also looks great too.   

wethepeople CRS 18

WeThePeople CRS 20.25   

The WeThePeople CRS 20.25 is another nimble BMX bike, with a top tube size of 20.25”. Like its smaller model, it is lightweight but sturdy and great for performing tricks. It has a short top tube and low bottom bracket, making it easy to pedal and turn. It's perfect for beginners and experienced riders alike.  

WeThePeople Crysis 20.5  

The WeThePeople Crysis 20.5 is slightly larger with a top tube size of 20.5”. The Crysis Freestyle is a BMX bike that is perfect for riders of all levels. With a sleek midnight green finish and high-quality components, it is sure to turn heads.    

The lightweight frame makes it easy to manoeuvre, while the Overbite tires provide excellent traction. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, the Crysis Freestyle is a great choice for anyone who loves BMX.  

WeThePeople Crysis 21  

The Crysis Freestyle with a 21” top tube is a BMX bike that is perfect for riders who love the sport. Its eye-catching midnight green finish and high-quality components will turn heads. It also boasts a lightweight frame and Overbite tyres which make it a joy to ride.     

Whether for beginners or an experienced riders, the Crysis Freestyle is a superb high-performance BMX bike.   

wethepeople crysis teal

New BMX Bikes Coming Soon  

In September we will be getting three more WeThePeople models in stock.   

WeThePeople Riot  

Introducing the Wethepeople Riot 14", which is tailored to riders aged 4 to 7 years.  

Designed with the expertise of a renowned brand, the Riot boasts a scaled-down version of its professional models. Younger riders now have the opportunity to embark on a bike built for fun and progression.   

The Riot's 14” wheels instil confidence with its slimmer tubing and custom-designed components. Get ready to ignite your child's passion for BMX with the Wethepeople Riot 14"!  

WeThePeople Seed  

Crafted to amplify the joy of those initial years in BMX, the Seed stands as a compact powerhouse, purposefully lightened for young riders.    

The Seed boasts cutting-edge components from Salt, such as the junior 40mm reach stem and tracer tyres. It also comes in two captivating colour options.  

Tailored for spirited freestyle adventures in both parks and streets, the Wethepeople Seed showcases impressive performance. Thanks to its short chainstay, the setup becomes incredibly responsive and trick-friendly, ideal for navigating technical street manoeuvres with ease. Unleash the potential of your young rider with the remarkable Wethepeople Seed!  

WeThePeople Thrillseeker   

Originally introduced in 2000, the Thrillseeker emphasised a streamlined and refined design for transition and ramp riding.   

Now, after two decades, WeThePeople offers a new and improved Thrillseeker. This revamped collection is centred around the idea of offering a range of bikes perfectly sized to suit any rider.    

We will be offering the Thrillseeker in 3 sizes:  

Small - 18.5” Top Tube  

Medium - 20” Top Tube  

Large - 20.5” Top Tube  

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Questions We Get Typically Asked About Kids BMX Bikes  

What age range is suitable for kids BMX bikes?  

The age range for kids' BMX bikes starts from around 4 years old and can extend up to around 11 years and older. Smaller BMX bikes with 14" wheels are ideal for younger children who are just starting to ride and develop their balance. As kids grow and gain more experience, they can progress to bikes with 16", 18", or 20" wheels. It's essential to consider the child’s size when looking for a BMX bike for them.   

How do I choose the right size BMX bike for my child?  

Choosing the right size of BMX bike for your child is essential for a comfortable and safe ride. Consider their age, height, and skill level while referring to size charts.  

Ensure they can comfortably stand over the bike with feet flat on the ground. Make sure to avoid buying an oversized bike that they will "grow into." Adjustable components can help fine-tune the fit, and prioritize safety and control over future growth.   

Can my child use a BMX bike for both racing and freestyle riding?   

Yes, the BMX bikes we stock are designed to be versatile and suitable for both racing and freestyle riding. They are built with durable materials, lightweight frames, and effective braking systems, making them ideal for various riding styles and terrains.   

How do I ensure my child's BMX bike is properly maintained?  

To ensure your child's BMX bike is properly maintained, follow these steps.   

  • Regularly inspect the bike for any loose or damaged parts, such as bolts, chains, and brakes.   
  • Keep the bike clean by washing it with mild soap and water, and dry it thoroughly to prevent rust.   
  • Lubricate the chain and moving parts regularly to maintain smooth operation. Check tyre pressure and ensure they are in good condition.  
  • Adjust the seat and handlebars to fit your child comfortably as they grow.   
  • Store the bike in a dry and secure place when not in use.  

What size BMX is best for an 8 year old?   

For an 8-year-old, a BMX bike with 18" wheels is generally the most suitable size. BMX bikes with 18" wheels are designed for riders around 7 to 11 years old, depending on their height. These bikes offer a good balance between stability and manoeuvrability. They are perfect for young riders who are transitioning from smaller bikes and gaining confidence in their cycling abilities. 

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