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Firstly, what is a balance bike? A balance bike is basically a tiny bike without pedals, designed for toddlers and young children. With no pedals, the kids move by pushing with their feet. The focus is on developing their balance and coordination. 

The best time to introduce your little one to balance bikes is when they’re between 18 months and 2 years old, but they can be used up to 4 years of age. 

At Bike Club we highly recommend balance bikes over bikes with stabilisers for a variety of reasons. Stabilisers can instil bad habits that need to be unlearned when your child removes them. For example, unlike riding a normal bike, with stabilisers the children lean outward when cornering as opposed to inwards, and they do not need momentum to stay upright. Balance bikes are the ideal preparation for riding normal bikes. 

So now you know what a balance bike is, what is the best one you can buy?

Strider 12 Sport ✅

Boy riding a Balance Bike

Strider shares our goal of inspiring young children to gain a sense of freedom & adventure by setting off on two wheels.

Their balance bikes are extremely lightweight, weighing only 2.9kg. They are also completely made with the child in mind.

Aside from the materials of the bike, the Strider 12 Sport is designed with easy-adjust clamps, making the bike adjustable for any child within the age ranges of 18 month – 5 years. Find out all you need to know about Strider bikes here with our handy guide.

 Get a Strider 12 Sport for £4.99 a month

Frog Balance Bikes

If you don’t love the look of the Strider 12 Sport, a great alternative is the Frog Tadpole.

Frog Tadpole

Frog balance bikes are also amongst the best on the market. They have easy-to-reach brakes for short arms and safety steering. Frog Balance Bikes provide a safe way for your child to learn how to ride a bike while having fun at the same time. The standard Tadpole is recommended for 2 to 3-year-olds. 

Frog Tadpole Mini

The Tadpole Mini is for the youngest riders, designed for toddlers as soon as they can stand. It is our most popular balance bike, thanks to its great design and reputation. 

Frog Tadpole Plus

The Frog Tadpole Plus is a larger model. It is designed for children aged 3 to 4 years old and is intended to help them develop balance and coordination skills before transitioning to a pedal bike. It is recommended for children with an inside leg measurement of 36 to 44cm.


Balance bikes are a great way to get your child learning how to cycle, whilst encouraging their physical development and increasing their confidence. 😁

At the Bike Club, we have a dedicated team of kids bikes experts. Our mission is to encourage the next generation of cyclists by making kids bikes affordable and helping the environment in the process by reducing the number of bikes that end up in landfill each year.

To join our mission, become a member & get your hands on one of our balance bikes here 👈