As another weekend in lockdown approaches, we want to help raise our members' spirits! 🏡 🤸

Here are 5 ways to have some family fun while staying safe at home: 

1: Make a Ring Bird Feeder

If your children enjoy getting crafty and making friends with local wildlife, this is for you. 😊

Follow our step-by-step guide to make a DIY bird feeder in no time.

2: Bake Bike Biscuits Together

Have a family bake-off - these always encourage a healthy dose of competition! 👩‍🍳

Challenge yourselves to create as many different shaped bike cookies are possible - browse our collections to see all the shapes and sizes for inspiration.

3: Snap Photos on a Family Bike Ride

Embrace your daily hour of exercise and take a few pics while you're at it.

Please share them with us by tagging @thebikeclub on Facebook, or @jointhebikeclub on Instagram and Twitter. 🔖

You may see your faces pop up on our social media feed sometime soon... !

4: Help Your Little Ones Wash Their Bike

We promise - cleaning can be fun (sometimes)!

Follow the steps in this blog post to get your child's bike sparkling clean.

Why not see if they want to clean your car, too? 😉


5: Watch a Live Aquarium

This is sure to grab your family's attention - it's possible to tour Monterey Bay Aquarium online.

Choose between 10 live streams - from jellyfish and turtles to penguins and otters - take your pick!

Let us know which animals you loved watching most. 🥰


We hope we gave you a handful of fresh activities for children during lockdown - let us know what your favourite ways to keep your family entertained are! 

Please share any photos you take with us (@thebikeclub on Facebook, or @jointhebikeclub on Instagram and Twitter). We'd love to see them!